Am I alone?

So this is a litle test, becuse I’ve noticed that most of the visitors on this site do not understand Icelantic…so I was thinking of maybe switching over to english…but it depends on…. well you.

My blogs are mostly about silly evryday stuff and thoughts and comment’s about things that happen…so baisicly just a regular blog, but the thing is…would anyone read them??? I know only a hadful of Icelanders read my blog and they tend to keep quiet and I get no feedback from them. So I was thinking what if i started writing in english would I get more feedback if more people could understand the tings I write about? 

….Why do people visit this site aniway?….is it for the fake tatto tutorial post alone or do you find other stuff interesting here to? 

So…yeah…I’m thinking about starting over…..In english perhaps….



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